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This is a design for JayBird’s quilt design “Nebula” which comes in two SIZES i,e King size( 111"x108") and Queen size (97"X96"). You can make a whole-cloth quilt with this design. The quilting design is 111“x 108” (King Size) and 97"x96" (Queen). Please see the instructions of how to quilt king and queen size quilt tops. Rotate the quilt top 90 degrees to quilt the segments M, N, O and P. No segment is taller than 12“. 

The design is for the long-arms with the throat depth of 12” or more. If your longarm's throat depth is smaller than 12“ you can use the split block designs which are also included in this set.

The Set includes;

- Complete design of the whole-cloth quilt including borders and background.
- Six segments of for the central diamonds. (01-06)
- Sixteen segments of background and borders (A-P)
- 52 (Fifty two) Blocks (separate file of designs).
- 13 (Thirteen) complete block designs. (01-09 and A-D)
- Complete PDF map Layout and Instructions. 

Formats IncludedBQM, CQP, DXF, HQF, HQV, IQP, PAT, PLT, QCC, QLI, SSD, and TXT.