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Circle of life, The Big Hummer

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“Circle of Life, the Big Hummer”  In this intricate scene, a hummingbird approaches a flower for nectar, while a determined butterfly competes for the prize. Unbeknownst to them, a cunning snake lurks below, eyeing the hummingbird for the perfect moment to strike. The symbolism deepens with a mandala in the background, representing the eternal circle of life in various religions. It emphasizes the idea that one's end is tied to a new beginning. This captivating tableau weaves a tale of life's interconnectedness, blending beauty, competition, and danger in a mesmerizing dance, prompting contemplation on the profound cycle that defines our journey from start to finish. Concept- Sam, digitized by Cee Theo

Circle of Life, the Big Hummer is a digital quilting design set for "Big Hummer" by Legit Kits.  It comes in Three (03) versions. Hummingbird is the same in both designs. The Version 01 background is simpler while Version 02 has a mandala and more segments. Lastly, version 03 is similar to 01 but has no snake in it. All versions are  60" x 80" in dimensions. No segment of the design is taller than 12" in height. 

This includes; 

1. Complete design Version 01 in one file
2. Complete design Version 02in one file.
3. Fourteen segments for the Hummingbird (01-14)
4. Version 01: Twelve segments (A-L)
5. Version 02: Twenty segments (A02-L02) and M01-M08.

6. Version 03: Three segments (J03-L03). Segments A-I are the same as Version 01.

PDF file with instructions and placement guides.

Formats Included: BQM, CQP, DXF, HQF, HQV, IQP, PAT, PLT, QCC, QLI, SSD, and TXT.