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Hosta 01

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This is a design for Quiltworx’s quilt pattern “Fire Island Hosta”. It comes in two options. Option 01 is 74” x 74” and Option 02 is 100” x 100”. Get Option 02 by clicking here

No segment is taller than 12“. 

This Set includes;
- Complete design of the whole-cloth quilt including border and background.
- Ten segments of Mandala (01-10)
- Ten segments of background and borders (A-J)
- Firehouse Hosta Border Set (2 Designs)
- Firehouse Hosta E2E (1 Design) - The set includes a border set and an E2E as separate designs, so that you can use for other quilts.

Recommendations;Please print out the PDF first, read and cross out the segments as you quilt. Baste the whole quilt before starting to quilt. Remove the basting stitches of the segments that you are ready to quilt. The segments are divided up into several sub-segments. With several jump stitches, you can move individual designs for a better fit on the quilt top. You can set your machine’s long jump setting to “0” so that the machine stops at every jump. If you do not need to realign the sub-segments, you can keep on quilting.